League Rules

1. Monies.

(a) League fees are £50 per Team entered.

(b) A bond is payable by all Teams entered. This will be refunded to the Team at the end of the Season/on registration night if renewing provided they have completed of all of their fixtures. Existing teams are required to pay £20 and teams new to the league are required to pay £50.

(c) Singles Knockout fees are £5 per player entered. All monies go into the prize fund.

(d) Teams are required to provide a raffle prize for the presentation night.

(e) Monies deducted from teams not fulfilling fixtures owed to opposing home teams will be settled at the end of the season/on registration night if renewing.

 2. Players.

(a) Players must sign on at the beginning of the season. Signing on sheets must be completed and handed in at the first League Meeting. Players can be added at any time during the season provided the Committee is informed.

(b) Any Player wishing to transfer from one Team to another Team should advise the Committee beforehand and get the approval of the team captain they are leaving. Failure to do so will result in the player being suspended until the issue is resolved. Players may not transfer from teams at the same venue after the halfway point in the season.

(c) Any Player transferring to another Team is cup tied and cannot play in the Team Knockout for their new Team if they have previously played in the cup competition.

(d) A Player must have played a minimum of six frames for their Team before they are eligible to play in either the Singles or Team Knockout.

(e) Teams fielding players under the age of 18 must contact the opposing team when playing away to confirm that this is OK. Some Venues can’t allow this, as their licence doesn’t cover children – there is nothing the League can do to overturn this decision.

 3. Match Sheets.

(a) Match Sheets must be completed before the start of the match with the Home Team listing their Player first. Any changes made must be initialled by the opposing captain – players can sign at ANY time before the captains sign the match off.

(b) Reserve players should be listed on the match sheet prior to the match commencing, thereby any player who is late or has to leave the venue early can be replaced by a reserve player.

(c) All Match Sheets are to be held by the winning Team. Winning Teams should be able to produce all of their Match Sheets upon request for the handling of any disputed frames.

(d) Both Captains must sign the Match Sheet at the end of the Match. If either Captain fails to sign the Sheet it will be assumed that there is a dispute that will need resolving.

(e) Any seven-ball clearances are to be noted on the reverse of the Match Sheet and both Captains are to sign as witnesses. Seven Ball Clearances should also be texted in with the results including the team each player represents.

(f) The winning team is to text the result in as soon as the match finishes. (At the latest result must be received by 12pm  the following day). Any member of the team may text the result in.

In the event that the match result is not received the following stipulations will apply

 - On first occurence the result will be chased and updated accordingly

 - On second occurence result will again be chased however the winning team will not receive the 2 bonus points awarded for the win

 - On third occurence winning team will not receive any points. Losing team will still be awarded any relevant points

Results will ONLY be accepted by text on 07548 363974. If this number is unavailable an alternative will be published both on the website and the Facebook page.

 4. Fixtures and Dates.

(a) First frame is to start on or before 8:30pm. For each 15-minute delay, 1 frame will be awarded.

 - 8:45    1 Frame

 - 9:00    2 Frames

 - 9:15    Match awared 6 - 0

(b) Any team that may be delayed should contact the home team out of courtesy to advise. Captains should wherever reasonable try to accommodate if given advanced warning.

In the case of extreme weather or traffic conditions the committee may decide to waiver any late postponements – this will be announced as soon as possible.

(c) If a fixture cannot be played it must be rearranged. The opposing team should be notified no later than the Monday preceding the Match and the committee must be informed. If this notice is not given, the match can be claimed and 8 points will be awarded (equivalent to a 6 – 0 victory). 

 - Monday – match rearranged

 - Tuesday – opposing captain can choose whether to rearrange or claim a 6-0 win

 - Wednesday – opposing team automatically wins 6-0, £10 deducted from the bond and awarded to the opposing team if they should have played at home.

(d) Rearranged fixtures must be played as soon as possible – either on rearranged fixture nights, on cup or singles nights if practicable or on another day of the week if this can be agreed by both captains. No results will be accepted for rearranged fixtures after the last league match of the season.

(e) Teams having problems with home fixtures may reverse venues with the consent of the opposing team. In such an instance the committee should be informed

(f) The first instance a Team fails to attend a match, £10 will be taken from their bond. The second instance a Team fails to attend a match a further £10 will be taken from their bond. Should the Team fail to turn up for a third match, they will be removed from the league, no monies will be refunded and they will be prevented from re-entering a team the following season.

(g) Any team that folds before the end of the season without fulfilling all of its fixtures will not be allowed to re-enter the following season.

(h) It is the home Teams responsibility to provide food on the evening of the match for both Teams.

5. Divisions & Trophies.

(a) The League will be split into Divisions depending on the number of entrants.

(b) At the end of the Season promotion and relegation will be decided based on performance and upon which teams decide to renew. New teams automatically join the lower division.

It is worth noting that as teams fold, merge and new teams join the League, promotion happens more frequently than relegation.

(c) Teams may also be moved between Divisions in extreme circumstances in order to balance them.

(d) Trophies will be awarded for Teams finishing in the following positions;

 - Each Division – 1st, 2nd and 3rd places

 - Cup and Consolation Cup – 1st and 2nd places

 - A trophy will also be awarded to any Team who wins a League Match 9 – 0 and any player who wins a frame by 7 balling their opponent in the league only.

The team that finish top of each division along with the winner of each cup competition will receive a main trophy along with individual trophies for each team member that has participated (limitations apply). Please note that the main trophy should be returned by each winning team one month prior to the the following years presentation night in order to provide enough time for engraving.

(e) The winner of the singles knockout will also receive a main trophy (which also needs to be returned one month prior to the following years presentation night) along with an individual trophy to keep.

(f) All monies received for entry to singles knockout will be paid out in full between the top 8 players.


 6. Meetings.

(a) Meetings will be held as and when to organise knockout draws.

(b) Advance notice will be given of all meetings.

(c) All Teams must send a representative to the first league meeting to hand in their signing on sheet and singles knockout form. Any teams failing to send a representative will be deducted 10 points.


7. Commencement of Games.

(a) It is the Captain’s responsibility to ensure that all their Players have knowledge of the games rules. However players can query a rule with the referee at any time.

(b) The home Team is to break first and the away Team is to referee first. This alternates throughout the Match.

(c) 1 point is given for each Frame won and 2 points are awarded to the winning Team. E.g. Team ‘A’ 6 vs 3 Team ‘B’, Team ‘A’ would be awarded 8 points and Team ‘B’ would be awarded 3 points.

(d) No conversation relating to the game is to take place between Players and non-Players during play. Players in a doubles team must not converse once player has addressed the table at the start of the visit – this does not mean touching the table but settling down to play the first shot.

(e) Players are not allowed to pick the white ball up after a foul if it remains on the table. They must ask the Referee to do this otherwise a foul will be called against. They can however retrieve the cue ball from below the table.

(f) After a foul shot and the ball has been moved behind the balk line, the Player is allowed to move the ball into place using their hand or the stem of the cue. It is however a foul if the tip of the cue touched the white whilst moving it into place.

(g) In the case of an impossible position the Frame should be re-racked with the same player breaking.

(h) In the case of a stalemate, e.g. both Players playing safe, the Referee may give both Players 3 additional visits. If no progress has been made during this time, the Frame is to be re-racked with the same player breaking.

(i) The Referee’s decision is final. (Except in extreme circumstances where both Captains may overrule the decision).

(j) On no account is any result to be submitted where any player has played more than one singles and one doubles game. If a team has insufficient players when the frames will be automatically given to the other team.

Outstanding frames can still be played out of courtesy to those players who have turned up but ill not count.


8, Discipline

(a) . All members of the PPL shall endeavour at all times to abide by the rules of the League. 

(b) The Committee reserve the right to suspend, fine or expel any team for breach of these rules or any other rule that the committee makes at any future time or for any act deemed to have brought the League into disrepute. Any member/team will be afforded every opportunity to defend themselves or explain themselves to the Committee.

(c). Any team expelled from the League will forfeit the whole of any subscriptions and bond paid for the current season and any rights accorded to them as members of the League.

(d). All arrears owed to the league must be paid by the first league meeting of the season for the team to be eligible to play in that season. Any fines imposed upon the League through Interleague/County are the responsibility of the Interleague teams/players and must also be paid by the first League meeting of the season.

(e). Any Captain may request the committee mediate in any dispute they may have with any other member/team within the League. A dispute committee will be formed from all the team captains of the PPL as and when needed, 3 neutral captain’s will be asked at random to mediate the dispute, no member of the league committee is allowed to participate in the initial dispute.  If both parties agree with the findings of the dispute committee, the league committee will be informed and the issue will be closed, if both parties do not agree with the decision of the dispute committee, the league committee will then make a decision that will be final and binding.


9, Interleague

PPL is now affiliated through West Yorkshire County

(a) Any player wanting to play for the Inter League team (currently one team registered) must participate in a minimum of 1 match in the Pudsey Pool League (PPL), Signing on as a reserve player does not constitute as playing in a match



Please note the following rules;

It does not matter if a cue ball has a dot on it.

Please note that team captains should check their opponents table before commencing a match. Tables should be cleaned and levelled to a reasonable standard. No table will be perfect and you are playing in a local pub, not The Crucible. Whilst the Pool League does not set any minimum standards for the size of the tables used we would appreciate it if the following points could be observed;$

 - The table should be brushed clean and levelled on the evening of matches.

 - A rest should be made available and also a short cue if play with a full length cue is restricted in some manner.

Contact Details

If any of the details on the Contact Sheet are incorrect or missing could you please advise me and I will update them and inform other teams.

Players Ages

The Pool League does not restrict players under the age of 18 from registering although we understand that some venues might not allow under 18’s entry. When playing away at a venue the opposition should be contacted (preferably the Landlord/Manager of the venue) and permission sought in advance.

Presentation Night

Please encourage as many players as possible to come to presentation night – the remaining league fees after all of the trophies have been paid go into this night – it is your league, you pay for it and presentation night is the celebration of the entire season’s efforts.

No trophies will be awarded to teams not attending (and contributing their raffle prize!)


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