7 Ball Clearance Table

Player Name  Team 7 Ball Clearances
 Jonny O'Hara The Commercial (Pudsey) 5
 Neil Crampton  The Commercial (Pudsey) 2
 George Dyker  The Commercial (Pudsey) 2
 Charlie Auty  The Commercial (Pudsey) 1
 Dean Martin  The Commercial (Pudsey) 1
 James Price The Commercial (Pudsey) 1
 Daniel Hullock The New Hall 2
 Paul Coggill The New Hall 1
 Ash Williford  Mainline Social 2
 Adie Roberts  Mainline Social 1
 Evan Jones Bramley WMC 2
Ste Knights  Village People 1
Tony Proctor The Taverners 1
 Matty Walker The Taverenrs 1
 Paul Burrill The Taverners 1
Jamie Bull The Swinnow  4
Edie Levin The Swinnnow 1
Martin Watkins The Swinnow 1


Pudsey Pool League is affiliated 

to West Yorkshire County Pool



Seven Steps new 3

147 final

Slimming World final

Dynasty final