7 Ball Clearance Table

Player Name Team 7 Ball Clearances
Dean Wade The Swinnow B 3
Jonny O'Hara The Commercial A 3
Max Bleasby The Daisy 3
Robert Johnson Bramley Villagers 3
Jason Haley Mainline Social A 2
Damien Parrish The Daisy 2
Chris Zajdler Mainline Social A 1
Graham Sharkey 147 Mavericks 1
Matty Walker The Taveners 1
Tim Proctor The Taveners 1
Les Wilkinson Village People 1
Bill Dove Village People  1
Craig Woods Bramley Villagers 1
Brian Whitaker Bramley Villagers 1
Charlie Gladstone Crown and Anchor 1
Paul Coggill The Commercial B 1
James Price  The Commercial A 1
Ash Cunningham The Old Hall 1
Kev McGill The Swinnow B 1
Jeff Hepworth Parky Travs 1
Lee Barwell The Taverners 1
Gary Winterburn Crown & Anchor 1
Gordon Hackett The Nags Head 1
John Stephenson The Nags Head 1
Matty Foster 147 Underdogs 1
Adam Smith Oddfellows 1
Neil Hackett The Nags Head 1
Paul Tierney The Nags Head 1
Joe Lobley The Old Hall 1
Bryn Gaines The Old Hall 1
Jimmy Bleasby The Daisy 1
J.P. Bond Bramley Villagers 1
Paul Brown Oddfellows 1
Martin Gaines Village People 1
Neil Crampton The Commercial B 1
Adam Priestley Village People 1
Steve McHugh-Elener Parky Travs 1
Ray Hall Parky Travs 1
George Poole The Old Hall 1
 Daz Johnson  Bramley Villagers 1



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