Division 1 League History

Year  1st 2nd 3rd
2011/12  The Swinnow The Masons Arms The Worlds End
2012/13  Excelsior Snooker Club The Swinnow Great Northern A
2013/14 Great Northern A The Swinnow The Daisy
2014/15 Mavericks@147 Golden Lion A The Swinnow A
2015/16 Mavericks@147 The Swinnow B The Commercial A
2016/17 Mavericks@147 The Old Hall The Swinnow B
2017/18 The Taverners The Nags Head  Mavericks@147/ The Commercial A
2018/19 The Taverners The Commercial A 147 Mavericks
2021/22 The Taverners The Commercial (Pudsey) 147 Mavericks
2022/23 Pudsey Liberals The Commercial (Pudsey) The Golden Lion



Seven Steps new 3

147 final