Singles Knockout Guide

In the event that we recive more than 64 entries then a preliminary round will take place in order to reduce the entrants to the 64 required for the subsequent rounds


Rounds 1-3 will consist of 4 player groups with the top two players progressing from each group 

Each player will play each other individual in the group in a best of 3 match.

In the event of a player going 2-0 up the 3rd frame does not need to be played

Please note that if two or more players from the same team are drawn in the same group these matches should ideally be played first


The top two players will be decided on the following basis (in descending order)

- Matches won

- Frame difference

- Head to head

- Black ball shootout

In the event that players are tied (not a definitive top two) then there will be a black ball shoot out between the tied players to decide who progresses.

This will not involve players who have already qualified based on group result and will also not involve players who have already been eliminated based on group result

(eg Player 2 and 3 are tied on both matches won and frame difference. Player 2 and 3 would then participate in the black ball shoot out to decide who progresses)


Black ball shoot out

- The black ball (or alternate) is placed on the black spot
- Each player will receive 5 attempts each (think of a penalty shoot-out)
- The player can position the white anywhere behind the baulk line 
- The player must pot the black (or alternate) ball using one shot 
- If the object ball is not potted, the white ball is potted, or, any foul is commited, then the shot is deemed a miss. 

- The player with the most successful shots wins

- A 'sudden death' shootout will continue if the scores are still level
- In a 'sudden death round' when one player player makes a pot, and the other misses, the shoot-out ends.


**Please note that previously players have walked out before completing all of their matches which has affected the final standings in the group. Should this occur then please void all the results relating to that individual. Should such an event occur then the individual will be inelligble to enter the following seasons singles KO**


Quarter finals onwards will consist of a straight knockout (match length to be confirmed)


If an individual is unable to make the scheduled date for a specific round then the match may be rearranged for a different date only upon agreement of all players involved in the group/match. If an agreement cannot be recahed then non participation with regards to the specific individual will be deemed the outcome. (in the event of a group match this will go ahead with all remaining players, in the event of a knockout match the opponent will progress). Please try and be accomodating if the reason for rearrangment is valid. 
Please note any rearranged matches must take place before the next round.


Full printable version of the match sheets can be downloaded here:






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