This page will be updated throughout the season with the most common questions received




Q. What happens if your opponent pots the cue ball (white) off the break?
A. This is a query that appears to arise every season and there has previously been some confusion and or miscommunication around this scenario. The outcome is explained in the rules however for clarification please see below
1. Any other balls potted are ignored
2. Opposition player receives 2 shots.
3. Cue ball is played from in hand and can be played from anywhere behind the baulk line
4. Your first visit is a 'free ball' so you may play any ball (including the black) without nomination.
As such combination shots are allowed. Eg. You can play the black onto any other colour ball to manufacture a pot, likewise you can play a yellow onto a red and vice versa to make a pot.
Please note however potting the black results in loss of the game
5. The first legally potted ball denotes your colour.
6. If you pot one or more of each colour then you must nominate your desired colour before playing your next shot. Failure to do so will result in a foul shot
7. If during the course of your two shots you do not legally pot a ball then it is deemed as still being an open table and each player may then alternatively play at any group until a legal ball is potted
Q. What happens if I pot one or more of each colour off the break
A. You must nominate a colour before taking your next shot. This will therefore denote your colour. Faulure to do so will result in a foul shot
Q. Do I need to nomiate if I wish to play a free ball following a foul?
A. No this is not neccesary.
Q. If I have a free ball (following a foul shot by an opposition player) and I pot the black (where the black is my only remining ball) along with an opponents ball what is the outcome?
A . A player pocketing the 8 ball (black) and any other ball on the same shot will lose the game. Except following a foul when only the 8 ball (black) and ball(s) of the opponents group are on the table, then with the first shot of the first visit, the player may legally pocket the 8 ball (black) as well as ball(s) of the opponent's group by any combination and in any order.
Q. Do i need to ask the referee for the white ball following a foul?
A. If the white ball has been pocketed you may retreive the white ball from the table yourself. If the white remains on the table and you wish to move it from where it is located to behind the baulk line you must ask the referee to do so. Moving the white from the table yourself will result in your opponent being awarded a foul
Q. In a doubles game what communication is allowed?
A. Upon it being a teams visit to the table each member of the doubles partnership may touch the table whilst discussing their first shot, however as soon as the legal player addresses the table (as in gets down to play his first shot) then no further discussion is allowed until the end of their visit (not shot). Any discussion after this point will result in a foul to their opponents

 Q. How are results communicated to the league

A. The winning team is to send a photo of the match sheet into 07708872131 either via text (picture message) or Whatts App as soon as the match finishes
Any member of the team may send the result in.

In the event that the match result is not received the following stipulations will apply

 - On first occurence the result will be chased and updated accordingly

 - On second occurence result will again be chased however the winning team will not receive the 2 bonus points awarded for the win

 - On third occurence winning team will not receive any points. Losing team will still be awarded any relevant points

Results will ONLY be accepted by on 07708872131. If this number is unavailable an alternative will be published both on the website and the Facebook page.



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