Singles KO Round 2

**Players highlighted in bold have progressed to the next round**



Group 1 - Golden Lion
 A Matt Lobley George Dyker B  
The Old Hall The Commercial (Pudsey)
Peter Pearce Gary Kay
Mainline Social A The Taverners


Group 2 - Travellers
 A Mick Sawyer Jonny O'Hara B  
The Taverners The Commercial (Pudsey)
 Mark Lamb Graham Sharkey
 147 Mavericks 147 Mavericks


Group 3 - Pudsey Tavern
 A Tony McHugh Ash Cunningham B  
Golden Lion The Old Hall
Ray Hall  
Golden Lion  


Group 4 - Bramley Villagers
 A Rob Marsden  Ash Williford B  
The Old Hall Mainline Social A
Adie Roberts  
Mainline Social A  


Group 5 - 147 Sports Bar
 A Charlie Auty Paul Coghill B  
The Commercial (Pudsey) The New Hall
Matty Walker   
The Taverners  


Group 6 - Mainline Social
 A Bryn Gaines Russell Battye B  
The Old Hall The Kings Arms
Ben Dore  
Golden Lion  


Group 7 - Worlds End
 A Jeff Hepworth James Price B  
Golden Lion The Commercial (Pudsey)
Luke Barlow  
The Commercial (Pudsey)  


Group 8 - The Swinnow
 A Adam Priestley Damien Parish B  
Village People Halfway House
 Lee Barlow  
 Mainline Social A  



Pudsey Pool League is affiliated 

to West Yorkshire County Pool



Seven Steps new 3

147 final

Slimming World final

Dynasty final