Singles KO Round 1

**Players highlighted in bold have progressed to the next round**

Group 1 - Mainline Social
  A Dave Exley  Charlie Auty B  
 147 Underdogs  The Commercial A
 C   John Stein Jon Thompson  D 
 The Commercial B  Village People


Group 2 - Wagon & Horses
  A Graham Sharkey Paul Coggill B  
 147 Mavericks  The Commercial B
 C   Stu Murphy Ben Dore  D 
 The Swinnow B  Parky Travs


Group 3 - Travellers
  A John White  Neil Hutchinson B  
 Nags Head  147 Underdogs
 C   Bob Johnson Terry Sanderson  D 
 The Villagers  Mainline Social A


Group 4 - Oddfellows
  A Damien Parrish  Ray Hall B  
 The Daisy Parky Travs
 C   Mark Douglas David Wilson  D 
 Kings Arms Travellers


Group 5 - The Great Northern
  A Jason Haley  Mick Kearney B  
 Mainline Social A 147 Underdogs
 C   Evan John Jones Adam Hobson  D 
Bramley WMC The Commercial A


Group 6 - Pudsey Tavern
  A Gordon Hackett  Mick Whitwham B  
 Nags Head Kings Arms
 C  Tony McHugh Joe Harmer  D 
Parky Travs  The Commercial B


Group 7 - Bramley WMC
  A R Leach  Matty Adams B  
 The Old Hall  147 Underdogs
 C   Nicky Best Chris Zajdler  D 
 Mainline Social A  Mainline Social A


Group 8 - Crown & Anchor
  A Peter Priestley L Peel B  
 Village People  Travelers
 C   Lee Wade Mick Sawyer  D 
 The Swinnow B  The Taveners


Group 9 - The Daisy
  A C. Whitelaw  Matty Walker B  
 Kings Arms  The Taveners
 C   Matty Foster Paul Brown  D 
 147 Underdogs  The Oddfellows


Group 10 - Kings Arms
  A Adam Priestley  Carl Hague B  
 Village People  The Commercial B
 C   George Dyker Adam Tallentire  D 
 The Commercial A  Parky Travs


Group 11 - Nags Head
  A Gary Friend  Paul Robinson B  
 Mainline Social A  Mainline Social A
 C   Dean Wade Lee Barwell  D 
 The Swinnow B  The Taveners


Group 12 - The Swinnow
  A Terry Gibson  Andy Crossley B  
 Mainline Social A  147 Mavericks
 C   Dave Wilkinson James Price  D 
 The Villagers  The Commercial A


Group 13 - 147 Sports Bar
  A Kevin Slime Jason Newell B  
 The Daisy  The Commercial B
 C   Nathan Silverwood Jeff Hepworth  D 
 The Old Hall  Parky Travs


Group 14 - Bramley Villagers
  A Mini Jones  Andy Barton B  
 147 Underdogs Travellers
 C   Luke Barlow P, Robertshaw  D 
 The Commercial A  The Taveners


Group 15 - The Commercial
  A Ashely Williford Patrick Smith B  
 Mainline Social B  Travellers
 C   Andrew Johnson Stuart Haley  D 
 The Daisy  Mainline Social A


Group 16 - Old Hall
  A Peter Barton  Mark Lamb B  
 Travellers  147 Mavericks
 C   Eamonn Henneghan Stephen Jablonski  D 
The Taveners  The Commercial A



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