Singles Knockout Prelim

Group 1 - Great Northern    
  A Les Wilkinson Ste Raynor B  
 Village People  147 Underdogs
 C   Andy Barton Dave Wilkinson  D 
 The Travellers  Bramley Villagers


Group 2 - The Travellers
  A Peter Priestley  Dave Exley B  
 Village People  147 Underdogs
 C   J Lobley Peter Pearce  D 
 The Old Hall  Mainline Social A


Group 3 - Crown & Anchor
  A Mark Lamb  Daniel Hullock B  
 147 Mavericks  Commercial B
 C   S Gair P Robertshaw  D 
 The Taveners The Taveners


Group 4 - The Kings Arms
  A  John Pilotille Kevin Marshall B  
 The Oddfellows  Mainline Social B
 C   Matty Foster Jason Newell  D 
 147 Underdogs  Commercial B


Group 5 - The Oddfellows
  A Nathan Silverwood  Carl Beaumont B  
 The Daisy  The Travellers
 C   Josh McManus Andy Crossley  D 
 147 Mavericks  147 Mavericks


Group 6 - The Daisy
  A B. Gaines  T. Reid B  
 The Old Hall  The Kings Arms
 C   Jason Haley Ben Dore  D 
 Mainline Social A  Parky Travs


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